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Stories of Birbal
Mullaa's Flattening Answer

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One day, the Mullaa Nasruddin was going back after having an audience with the Emperor, that his one coin fell down from his pocket. It was the only money he had at that time so he started immediately looking for it. Muraad, who was his one of his bitterest enemies at the court, said, "See Your Majesty, how miser he is? You have bestowed so much money on him, still he is after a copper coin."

Mullaa said quickly, "It is not because of the value of the coin, Your Majesty, that I am looking for it. I am looking for it because one side of that coin bears your resemblance, and I don't want people trampling on it."

Akbar was so pleased to hear this reply that he pulled off his diamond ring from his finger and gave it to the Mullaa.


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